Cats, babies, and selfies go business. What cute stuff to tweet/post from an event?

regarde le cielWhile participating in a conference on social media best practices, I candidly asked what engagement is. The young gentleman who was kindly bestowing his knowledge upon us answered: “You’ll know when HE asks you!”, suggesting, in quite a sexist manner, if I may add,  that engagement is somehow the equivalent of the excitement  the marital “will you?” will most likely bring about.  Then, one day, light years away from the said event, while sneaking a peek on the Facebook page of a local pop star, there came the answer to my question. She had just posted a cute selfie with the succinct, yet so eloquent heading “Hello!” and gotten back around 14 k of likes and a dozen of comments. Now, that’s engagement! Or is it?

Businesses, at least those not dealing in cute cats and baby paraphernalia, will most likely have to invest more than a selfie to gain a like, a re-tweet, a comment or any other sign of engagement. One area in which they can, however, go a little wilder than usual and add some cuteness to their professional communication packages is that of live event reporting.

I set out on a quest for the cutiefic photographic or video items that one can tweet or post in connection to a business event and here’s what I found:

  • a crowd. As simple as that. Before your booth opens, post this image together with directions on the exact location of your booth. You do know about the universe conspiring for your success, don’t you?
  • a landmark of the city your fair or exhibition takes place in. Yes, do brush up on your Tour Eiffels, pyramids and the like. This will add a human touch to your tweets/posts as it will point out the beauty of travelling the world for business: you actually get to see places, even if only briefly. If you’re staying home, add a dolled up image of the venue you’ve chosen.
  • eye-catching advertising reflecting your company’s presence at the respective event. Think buses, airport walls, outdoor banners or mashes, anything big and bold will do! If you don’t have any of this, you can always think and act bold by cleverly creating a trompe l’eoil with a magnified ticket or badge that’s placed against a nice background.
  • any graffiti, disparate words or images that give a sense of the city you are in and which reflect the main idea of your event.
  • any wonder of nature (flowers, trees, animals, clouds, a ray of sun, etc. ) that you can cleverly slip into the conversation about the highlights of your show/fair/launch. Thinking of talking about cloud technologies? Well, just look at the sky!
  • got a badge, t-shirt or any other giveaway? Make it a star, (photo) shoot it and send it out into the world as participants’ luckiest charm of all!
  • any plans for setting up a fancy booth, reflecting the unquestionable awesomeness of whatever it is you are offering the world? Pictures or it did not happen. If you don’t have a King Kong size replica of your logo or mascot, just choose any furniture item, shoot it from an interesting angle, add a touch of anything (lights, shadows, textures, poster features) to it (plenty of free tools for lightweight photo editing) and it’s good to go.
  • candid moments from before the booth is set up. Put that Vine of yours to some good use!
  • a shiny shoe, a perfect tie, any other detail that spells out: “we’re ready, come see us!”

How about you? Anything else you’d like to add on the list?


One thought on “Cats, babies, and selfies go business. What cute stuff to tweet/post from an event?

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