Ouch-ing one’s way back into social. The JP Morgan case.


by Ioana and Raluca

How ‘bout that! $omeone tried to pull a “TwitterTakeover” stunt and got hurt. The financial giant’s “ouch!” was heard loud and clear, with plenty of ironic to angry chirps raising up from the virtual branches we’re all perching on, waiting for the next 140 character key to the mysteries of the universe. Didn’t they see it coming?

What in the tweet’s name were they thinking of? That’s exactly what we asked ourselves in our second round of social chit chat. Here’s what we ended up with when trying to find not something that went wrong (everybody knows that!), but something that shoulda/coulda/woulda gone right.

 J: Everybody’s wearing their devilish grin when looking at this story. Honestly, so am I. But for a lawyerish, as in “devil’s advocate” reason. What good could come out of this story? How about some pressure relief? Let’s say they’d postponed this type of activities on Twitter for when things got a little calmer. Well, given the size of the crisis financial institutions are blamed for, that would have been a very long while. Making the move now, they handed a “Kick me” note to Twitter users out there on a silver plate. But they also offered them the chance to vent a bit, thus increasing the chances of the next thing they do on Twitter to be met with less outrage or anger. So, what do you say, R? Ouch much?

R: I see you’re taking the silver lining approach to this. Not sure the pressure venting scenario worked here. “How are you planning to spend the savings made from firing your social media team?” That’s only one of the embarrassing questions they were clearly NOT expecting to find on their TweetChat. Ouch indeed! Was banging their head against a brick wall the objective of their Q&A? Were they seeking to make the best of a bad situation? One thing’s for sure: Twitter didn’t seem the right channel to open up to the public, and that definitely was not the right context for an open conversation. The internet has witnessed many hashtag hijacks and the #askJPM will, unfortunately, end up on this list of shame. As a fellow social media professional I can only imagine the mental strength it takes for their staff to deal with the rancorous tweets pouring in every minute.

To end our second post on a more positive tone and praise the “HOW TOs” that help social media stunts from backfiring, here’s a pretty cool Twitter Brand Conversation that we can all learn from. Natural and fun. Right words in the right context. Well done!

Image courtesy of  bp bplanet/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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