It’s not that I don’t LIKE you, but I’d rather STAR you


by Ioana and Raluca

The social star news is out. Slowly testing out the new feature, Facebook seems to be on its way to sending good old Mr. Like into retirement. Or not. Raluca and I sat down, not because of the shock, mind you, but to think this change through and see how it might impact the performance of business pages. Are you pondering what we’re pondering? Let’s see:  

J: So, Ralu, let me get this right. Are they really saying that stars will kick likes’ butts?

R: I guess for Facebook pages, if the option is mandatory, it will mean making managers more aware of the fact that they should provide interesting and valuable content for their fans and not rely on fan acquisition and post promotion only. Even though eliminating the iconic like could offer a more sentiment-like endorsement from the fans, the rating system could get brand owners confused. Are fans starring the page or the products? Or are they expressing an opinion about the service they received? How do you feel about the stars?

J: I think you’re right in saying that this is another wakeup call as far as content quality is concerned. What troubles me is that if it did not work out with the likes, I don’t really see the stars doing the trick. Why would they? Just because they’re stars? One more thing: rating systems, to my mind, work if there’s some kind of similarity or common ground of the compared items. Simply put: apples go with apples, pears with pears.  Where do stars fit in with the variety of business domains that pages belong to? Is a two star rating for a niche brand as good as a four star rating for a widely used consumer good brand? Who’s doing the math there, do you think?

R: Totally agree with you, Jo!  Some brand pages could naturally attract more stars than others so the ratings wouldn’t actually reflect the precise amount of love that the fans really express. Anyway, we’ll keep commenting on any updates on this story from Facebook. Plenty of social chit-chat material there!

Meanwhile, if you feel like rating something we invite you to share or like our first post here. That is, of course, if you find it reeeeeeeeealy interesting.  🙂

Image courtesy of Pixomar/


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